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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Shopping Queen VS Eating Queen

Shopping queen who eats like a queen

Just touched down

Wrap & Rolls
Rolls in the making

Sipping kelapa muda



Kookie Talkie

Green Tea ice cream with moci

MOF - Japanese Cafe

Pho :))

15.000 VND (Rp 10.000)



La Doree French cafe.

Macaroon + Almond pastry + Vietnamese au lait

Macaroon tree

Shopping Diaries @wolipop

Here are articles I wrote for Wolipop  when I was in Vietnam.
So here is the game:
It is a mandatory that everyday I ought to submit articles from shopping places (minimum 3 spot) plus photographs. Wolipop will review and edit my articles if needed and right away publish in website.

My dad was being so wise by sending me information about Vietnam, currency, and other hot places he got from his native Vietnamese friends. Thanks Pops!

Shopping Queen

@SueBoen Ruth, gih ikut ini daftar gih
@Unyil_13 Wah Ruthie pasti menang nih

Tweet dari Susan dan Irene suatu malam di bulan April, tapi karena BlackBerry saya nggak bisa buka browser, jadi saya baru buka websitenya esok hari
Waktu baca iklannya menarik banget, perempuan mana di dunia ini nggak mau belanja gratis di luar negri full dibayarin akomodasi+hotel+dan dikasih uang belanja. Lalu saya kirim semua persyaratan.

Selang 2 hari saya terima email "selamat anda masuk 12 finalis shopping queen"
Jujurnya saya nggak terlalu excited:
I tweeted "Received an email from @wolipop congratulate me for being a semifinalist of ShoppingQueen. Not so GR since there are 499 finalists to beat"
That's what I tweeted that morning.

Then I informed them that I would come on Saturday morning 8am to do the interview session.

Sabtu pagi saya datang 30 menit lebih cepat dari jadwal di kantor Wolipop, Warung Buncit.
Ada beberapa test yang harus dilalui. Saya mengisi suatu formulir lalu membuat video tentang perkenalan diri dan "mengapa Wolipop harus pilih kamu?"
Mau tau apa yang saya bilang? hehe "Hallo My name is Ruthie, I'm 25 years old. I'm currently working in ESMOD Jakarta as a ESMOD Int'l communication and in house stylist. Why Wolipop has to choose me? Because I'm born to shop, I'm adventurous, and fashion is my passion. Thank you"
Saya cuman bilang itu aja, agak minder awalnya dibanding beberapa orang lainnya yang WOOOOW banget. Hari itu ada manager storenya Mango, ada editor majalah, ada si A dan si B, orang-orang hebat. Lalu tahapan selanjutnya adalah interview 3 on 3.
Add caption

3 hari kemudian pagi-pagi di kantor saya terima email yang mengabarkan "SELAMAT anda menjadi finalist Shopping Queen"
I was shocked, tremor, jaw dropped, and amazed! How it's possible I could be one of the luckiest girl in Indonesia on April 12th, 2011.
Hari itu ada sedikit drama yang hampiiiir membuat tidak bisa ikutan, tapi intinya Patrice De Silles my boss gave me permission and in fact he and the students supported me all the way.

12 finalis ShoppingQueen
"Ini dia ke-12 wanita beruntung" begitu kata Mbak Fatia. Saya setuju banget. B.E.R.U.N.T.U.N.G!
Ini yg saya  pikirin, masak sih nggak ada 30 orang yg lebih pinter dari saya? nggak ada ratusan wanita yang lebih hebat lagi. This is more than skill, this is a blessing.
Sepulang dari briefing, di perjalanan balik ke kantor yang naik ojek itu saya nangis. Ternyata total peserta itu ada 22.000 orang dan saya 1 lucky bitch yang terpilih dari sekian banyak....

Saya kebagian negara Vietnam dengan partner Prehida Permatasari. Jadwal keberangkatan 14-18 May 2011. Dari semua dongeng ini, tanggal keberangkatan adalah hal yang bersifat mukjizat buat saya. Kenapa? karena berhubung saya orang kantoran, jatah cuti adalah hal yg sangat saya pertimbangkan, mana lagi sibuk pulak. Tgl 17 adl tanggal merah. Nah saya berangkat itu hari Sabtu. Jadi total dari 5 hari perjalanan,, saya cuman cuti 2 hari kerja. PUJI TUHAN!!

Di blog berikutnya nanti saya akan cerita lebih detail perjalanan ke Vietnam. Artikel yang sama dengan yang saya submit ke Wolipop.


Monday, 2 May 2011

Royal Wedding "conversation"

More than 2 billion people in the whole wide world can't keep their eye on this royal wedding of  the century.

Apakah ada yang sepenasaran saya "mereka ngomong apa sih selama di altar, balcony, dan di kereta kuda?"

Googling, googling, googling, ternyata:
Tina Lannin, a lipreader spot what William told Kate during the intimate moments

Prince William and Kate Middleton share a moment during the ceremony
According to the specialist, William was stunned by Kate's appearance as she walked down the aisle, immediately telling her that she looked lovely and beautiful as she arrived at the altar

Kate to Bishop of London: "Yes, I suppose so.. I expect I'll be worn out today" 

Harry to William nervously comment: "Right, here she is now"  

William cracked a joke to his father-in-law at the altar before the ceremony, saying
William to Kate: "You look lovely.. You look beautiful "
William to Michael Middleton: "We're supposed to have just a small family affair"

As the newlyweds rode down the Mall in the stunning royal carriage, Kate checked that her husband was enjoying the day, to which he replied:

William: “I don’t think you should bow quite yet. I think you should just bow your head, okay?”
Kate: “Okay.”
Kate: “Thank you. Now, are you happy? 
William: “Yes! Yes! It was a beautiful service! It really was. It was amazing...was so’re my wife!”



Kate: “Oh wow!”William: “All right? You’ll be okay?”Kate: “Oh I’m fine, thank you.”
William: “Yeah! Yeah! There’s a lot of people down here.”
William: “Okay? Look at me, let’s kiss, okay [kiss].
Kate: “What’s next?”
William: “They want more time I think.
William to Kate: “Just do a bit of everything. Do you like the balloons? They go up in the air.”
William to Kate: “One more. That’s it, come on!”
Kate Middleton and Prince William kiss on the Buckingham Palace balcony

William to Kate: “Let’s give them another one. I love you. One more kiss, one more kiss, okay?

Ain't that all sweet?
I was melting down to every line they conversed 
Here are my favorite pictures of the royal couple

Kate was much annoyed when, teasing her about doing nothing but waiting for a proposal from William, the British press dubbed her “Waity Katie.
College sweetheart.  This one began once upon a time amid the humble backdrop of the campus at the
 University of St. Andrews

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Triple Proud!!!

Lady Gaga Covers 'Harper's Bazaar' May 2011

Lady GaGa in Tex Saverio Harper's Bazaar May 2011edition.

Tex Saverio won his first award - the Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Award - when he was only 21. Today, at 26, after showing two collections this year, My Courtesan and La Glacon, one thing is clear. This is just the beginning.


Super proud. Bravo Indonesian designer

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Simplicity is powerful

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”Leonardo da Vinci"

Imperfection is the new perfection

Foolish thing that I love love love love my acne spotted right on my left cheek...
I've always wanted a mole somewhere around cheek bone, now I have it comes in a different form
The photo was captured last night when I attended "Ali Topan Anak Jalanan" the musical drama.
When I put the foundation on, I purposely didn't cover the acne so I'd get my dream mole obviously appeared :D 

Embracing my recent motto "Imperfection is the new perfection"

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

No need to be afraid of love. It may take you down, but it doesn't have to take you under.
Get back up again.
For in loving comes the strength to fight for what you believe is fair.
@cestdeb pour out, soothe down. Be still and pray. Listen. Only then you'll see the silver lining.