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Friday, 15 January 2010


Hi everyone

This would be my first writing on blog web.
Before long I had already gotten the idea about making a blog, but somehow i was overwhelmed with worrying  about what to write, what to post..I don't have the skill of writing , I might not have the interesting topic to share about, There would be no one reading on my blog, I could go on and on..
But then one day (which is last week) as I cleaned up my cabinets and drawer, I found a lot of  books & diary that I wrote a lot about my self, What's been happening that day, Whom am I have a crush on, My biggest fear, My victory,Childhood memory, Bitter sweet of life,  bla ,bla, bla
I found out that I have so many stories to tell and testimonies of life to be testified about.
We are a social species, As Iron Sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another. For every obstacle and problem we had been through, We ought to share the world of how do we overcome it, So indirectly we help the world to be better by our experiences. We learn from others as other people might learn from us as well.
And here in my blog, I wanna be free of what I'm blogging, let's forget about the standard procedure of writing :D
Let's laugh and learn and share and cry together with me :)

Sooo let's get it stared !!! Buckle up for the bumpy ride!!


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