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Friday, 29 January 2010

January -Find my way back home-

January has been a relaxing month for me, literally. I've never been so laid back and lived a stress free life like nowadays.
Get up late, eat a lot, sleep late, no deadline, no traffic, no driving, no meeting hoping schedule, on and on.
If I look back over a year or two years ago, these days are absurdly surreal. I'm known as a busy workaholic young woman who puts career above almost everything. 
Investing time in career is great if it maximizes our value, but if I'm merely toiling away in obscure drudgery, I'm not investing in anything other than the same old paycheck I could get by doing any number of things.
I'd been always busy and got limited time for my family, my friends, and myself. Yet many times i keep saying that family comes first. That's a crap lie
This seems very obvious, but it is amazing just how many people are so wrapped up in the everyday stress of their careers, that they lose perspective when it comes to significant family issues.
How much more God, I've never had the time to sit down learning about the Word and worship God. Shame on me! I kept on making any logical excuses to avoid daily devotion.

As off Jan 3rd I'm no longer worked for the former company i worked before.
During these free day, I enjoyed myself getting closer to my family. Helped Mama cooking, cleaned up the closet and cabinets, washed my lovely dogs, Drive Mama or parents, Grocery shopping, on and on
I ensure myself to take appropriate action to maintain those relationships

I'm feeling happier. 

Not forget to mention here, I met someone very attractive on early days of Jan.
A young talented kind hearted attractive gentleman. He's the son of my Mom's friend. OK that's all the clue i couldn't share the details just in case someday he would bumped into this page and found out that I'm talking about him here :D hehe
Well, at beginning things went great, he seemed to be liking  me,so I was in haven.. We had a hella fun chit-chat and he even asked me out, I was too excited but turned out things didn't go my way. Let me just sum it up, He actually never contacted me. I was gone too much GR. Perhaps he thinks I'm a great friend to be with, but I was the one who insanely caught the wrong signal :(
I experienced one of the scene of "He's just not that into you" movie, I'd been checking my cellphone back and fourth,waited for a text or call from him. Fuhneh huh? yes you are entitled to laugh ! 
And to be honest I was feeling kinda upset and hurt, The last time i felt such things was about 4 years ago..
Hmm now I keep myself busy as I could in order to distract my focus towards  that lucky boy. A wise friend told me "If it meant to be together,it meant to be. If it's from God, it will get any closer to you"
So i'm kicking my ass off to move on, Get out of bed, put a make up on, dress up nicely and get some fun. Trading my mourning into joy. 

January has brought me closer to God as well, I read the Bible everyday,I study it and I try to put it into practise.  I have finished some books of the Bible, memorized verses of scripture, read spiritual books, and I haven't skipped any prayer meeting within this month. I feel so much more peaceful and stronger. And I pray it isn't only happening on Jan but the rest of the year :)

January oh January
I found my way back to God, Family, and getting myself back on track :)

How about you, fellas?

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