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Monday, 18 January 2010

"Mother & I" photo competition

Last Dec 22' 2008 My church invited all the members to participate in a photo competition with theme "Mom & I"
Capture and share an image that represents what a Mother means to you.  Of course the competition was originally purposed to celebrate The Mother's day (Since we Indonesian celebrate Mother's day on Dec 22)
Each winner must agree that his or her name, likeness, winning photo and their writing may be used by Apostolic Generation Church for promotional and publication purposes without additional compensation.

I participated the contest, My mom was excited since she knew that she would be the main star of the project, you know what I mean: P

Here are the three photos I have submitted:

FUNNY & SILLY Eh? Yeah i know those are not the sweet-romantic photos of a daughter-mother supposed to be like, i tried to be unique with my photos. I wanted to show how close we are to each other by some activities we often do it together, also i wanted to be natural (No make up, no costume code)
Did I win? NO! Hahaha.. My mom seems to be more upset than me, She was pretty sure that I would have won the contest. She wanted her photo to be displayed and everyone would see her in those photos LOL. Anyways, I still got a present from my senior Pastor for contributing and developing the talents God put in me. I looooovee the gift. It's a nice pen and there's my name engraved beautifully on the surface "Ruthia Pasaribu". And it's actually something that I have always wanted, A pen with my name engraved. I wanted to show you the nice pen photo, but i failed uploading it, something went wrong.

The competition is also required a writing about "You&Mom", Here is my writing:

My Mama is my best friend. If I have to name just one favorite person in the world, I would instantly mention my mama. 
She could turn out to be everything I ever needed: a mother, a sister, or even a best friend figure. 
She is not a calm type of mother, she is more to funny, silly and cute mother type. Me and my best friends just can't beat her jokes, She's just too intelligent and funny at the same time.
I take a great pride in my mother's physical appearance. She has the best skin texture ever, beautiful and very well-groomed. 
She has always been my fighter. She is the one who has fought for my life and my biggest supporter ever. She would always dream big for me, my sister, and my brother. She could make me feel like I can do anything. She was the one who fought for my education when people seemed to have no faith of what I've chosen for my future.
She also fought for my life when I was diagnosed with a sudden dangerous illness a couple years ago. It broke my heart to hear her cried out to God begging for my healing miracle in the middle of the nights.
Not to mention, she was the one who cried with me when I got my first heart-break. She wept my tears as if she was the one who got hurt. 
The way she lived her life taught me so much about how to give. She is well-known as a generous giver. And for that reason, I've never seen her lacking and hungry. She gave me all that she could give and more. Not only me and the other family member who admire her, but most of people who know her would absolutely love her because of that.
We've been through so many things together, all the bitter- sweet life, and not a day goes by without thanking God for choosing a person named Dian Sefti Endah to be the one who gave birth and raised me up. 
My biggest fear is to lose her and not being able to see her on my wedding day. I wish my mama an everlasting joy, health, and long age. 

Lovingly forever more,

Your daughter

Ruthia.Magdalena Pasaribu

Isn't that sweet? hihi.. i love my Mom, that's the bottom line. Well, here's the moral of the story: Don't limit yourself of something you think you can not do it or something that is not familiar to you. To participate this competition isn't about the reward but to contribute yourself to the social life and nurturing the talents God has deposited in you.One more thing to keep in mind: you'll never know until you give a try. I celebrate my mom in my life, I love doing this, bragging to the world for having the world's best Mom thru picture and writing :)


  1. Heidi looks totally like a soft toys, looks unreal. Hei I didn't know you get that pen, hmmm.... the judges don't even know :(

  2. The judges don't even do their job!!

    But i do love the pen and my dogs for sure :)

  3. Err, I wanna ask something, is that you or Maria on the photo? *You know what, when I looked at those pictures for the first time, it was when I was confused. because you and Maria look so much alike. LOL*

  4. I lurv your writing anyway! :D

  5. Yes Vio, it's Maria my sister. I was the one who took the photos.
    Is that hard to differentiate us? She is tall, I'm short(er). She is slim, I am slimmer. HAHA

    Mucho Gracias for the compliment, Viona :)