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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mama and Papa

Well frankly speaking, I'm not naturally born a family person.
I'm the most outgoing kid in the family, I'm different among my siblings. I'm a busy social person who loves to hangout,travel, and work. Rarely you would find me stay at home doing nothing.
The last couple years, Unconsciously i get my paradigm shifted about several things, especially the way I see my family. Out of the blue,all of sudden I'm being grateful of having the best parents ever and siblings I could ever think of.
I'm thankful that I was born amidst The Pasaribus in this post millennium era. I wouldn't be I am who I am today without them, In terms of career and way of life. Not every parents would let their kiddos choose what they want for their life. I am a Fashion Designer and I attained the Degree of it. Papa let me choose  what school I would go, what major I would study, Mama fully supported me of what I want to become in the future. And my siblings, They proud of having me as the middle member of the fam :D I know that!! haha

Here is the picture of Me&Mama and Me&Papa
Today Feb 28,2010
I was being a thoughtful daughter by treat them lunch at Sushie Tei, Plaza Senayan. I told them to grab all kind of Sushie they wanted, no hesitate, the bill is on me.
I feel so much happy and proud just by doing a simple thing like that. The smile on their faces was something that my money can't buy. They used to feed me, now I have the opportunity to do so.
Mumpung ada waktu, ada kesempatan, mumpung mereka masih hidup, mumpung akunya bisa..
I will do such things more often, I promise :) Next stop, Dinner at JW Marriott Hotel.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Elis Salim, church mate:

"Parent's hug & love are part of daily nutrient in kids' life"

(I'm well fed by the best nutrients ever, LOVE)

Two Places to go before I die

Fira, Santorini, Greece

Positano, Italy

I wonder (*__________*)

- What is it like to have someone asks your number and actually call you next day in the morning?

"Can I have your number Ruth?"

- What is it like to go on a (proper) date?

"What do you feel like to eat for dinner? you choose Ruth"
("How could I possibly eat if those flying butterflies won't leave my stomach")

- What is it like to watch movies with a potential crush?
"You seem cold, here wrap yourself with my jacket"
("The nerve keeps me cold, not the air con")

-What is it like to have someone special to travel together
I want to travel the world and enjoy the magnificent sight and try new foods and be crazy W.I.T.H. Y.O.U

What is it like to have someone special to enjoy sunset and sunrise with

"Will you still love me when my skin is aging and wrinkled by then?"

What is it like to love and being loved in return

.....And I wonder when is the time come answering those uncertain feelings....

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Yes I'm single, so what!!?!

Don't waste your time trying hard to investigate why am I still single for so looong time  (YES I'M TALKING TO SOMEONE HERE)
I told people many times, It just not the time and I don't wanna force things to happen. There's still no guy showing that is attractive enough to go on a date with and no one is asking me either.
What do you expect from me?!?!?! Asking someone (random) out? Me?! hell NOH! I ain't that desperate!
Oh here is another thing:
"I'm still considering man's chest is the best pillow, If I don't date, it doesn't mean I'm a potential lesbian" !!

Watch your mouth and mind your own business!! you know who you are and I know you'd read this,stalker!

Sunday, 7 February 2010


I want to create my own Barbie-Ken Doll :)
There's a guy that look beautiful with tanned skin and black hair. Oh I'm also into deep dimples *grin*
Well apparently I'm describing  a replica of myself in a male anatomy. Ruthie in Man version :P
Wanna see Wanna see? Here here..

Oh how I admire guys with black slim fit suit :)
Clean look is the best!

And my Barbie Kelly has to inherit her Barbie Mom's (a.k.a ME) black shiny healthy hair.
And her name will be Jane Manashe

Saturday, 6 February 2010

"This time last month"

This time last month
                                                                            ...The same day all the way January ..         

Friday, 5 February 2010

Wedding Gift? Walking Closet. Thank you, God Bless you :)

Where on earth I could find a husband like Mr.Big ?
(Carrie Bradshaw fiancee - Sex and The City, in case you have no clue :P)

I would like a modern walking closet as a wedding gift :D

Ps:" Hey Mr.Big Where have you been hiding the whole my life,  Would you fly down here first flight in the morning please?"

Denim Mafia

"You should be wilder, you're no fun at all. Yeah, thanks for the input"

Finding the right jeans has the resemblance of finding a significant other to complete your life (walking closet)
You want it to be right but you don't wanna collect to many. You wanna have the best look when wearing one, reveal your strength and conceal the weakness. Just like a spouse, They should bring out the best in you.

I used to hate my curvy latino body. I used to feel ugly looking on the mirror right from the back angle to see my big butt.
But as I grow older and flipping thru lotsa magazines,I've seen bunch of chics are desperate of wishing upon a star a bigger butt.
And now I'm kinda feel blessed to be granted a tanned skin latino body shape (Do i sound like bragging?!!?) I just simply celebrate my curve :)  Dang!

Voila, Unwrapped for your viewing pleasure, from the closet of "7 For All Mankind" Jeans collection I would kill

How does your denim jean wash reflect your mood or alter ego?

This one is not so messed yet It has the best ripped thread effect

RAW dark denim is the best option to combine with an oversized WHITE SHIRT!
I would prefer the skinny cut all the way down to my ankle.
Let it boost up my butt and tighten up my thigh and leg. Hail to a Sexiness! 

"Oh Mama let me wear your bloody red Hermes Birkin"

Flare Jeans is not so bad! If you have (at least) a proportional body, You would likely appear taller and slimmer (With one condition, wear high heels, no flat!)

Ps: I'm discreetly discovering the mysterious "Significant Other" of mine :D

Wish me luck, Folks!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

10.47 pm

Somehow I lost my passion for travelling, for fashion, for perfume.
 I want something new, true, and solid.
(Too early) Quarter life crisis?
February 2, 201- 10.47 pm


Tuesday . February 2 , 2010

This early morning as I had my devotion, I received a text message from my close friend Grace Martina a.k.a Gege, It says "Guys, cuma mau kasih tau. Bayi di dalam kandungan gw udah dipanggil Tuhan dalm usia 6 bulan. Mohon doanya yah krn pagi ini bayi akan diambil lewat operasi secto"
I deliberately bended on my knee and sending prayer for Gege and the rest of the family.
My deepest condolence for her loss.
Having baby is what she'd been dreamed of  for so long time, I know she dropped everything for this, nothing else matter. She and her husband had been trying for 1.5 years before she finally got pregnant. I couldn't imagine the pain she has to go through :( 

I read in "Haven is so real" book that Babies who weren't be able to arrive to this world are happily save and sound with God in Haven. I hope this truth will put her at ease.

Dear Gege, 
I pray that it is well with your soul, The baby now is in haven which is the better place with God. One day I promise you, you'll get to see her/him :)
My devotion today was Rome8:28 "All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who  are called according to His purpose" Things happened for a reason.
Be strong and in good courage, I have faith on you. You can go through this all, Ge..
God loves you and so are we :)

(Sedih, nggak jadi dipanggil "Aunty Ruthie", nggak jadi belajar nurturing baby)