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Friday, 5 February 2010

Denim Mafia

"You should be wilder, you're no fun at all. Yeah, thanks for the input"

Finding the right jeans has the resemblance of finding a significant other to complete your life (walking closet)
You want it to be right but you don't wanna collect to many. You wanna have the best look when wearing one, reveal your strength and conceal the weakness. Just like a spouse, They should bring out the best in you.

I used to hate my curvy latino body. I used to feel ugly looking on the mirror right from the back angle to see my big butt.
But as I grow older and flipping thru lotsa magazines,I've seen bunch of chics are desperate of wishing upon a star a bigger butt.
And now I'm kinda feel blessed to be granted a tanned skin latino body shape (Do i sound like bragging?!!?) I just simply celebrate my curve :)  Dang!

Voila, Unwrapped for your viewing pleasure, from the closet of "7 For All Mankind" Jeans collection I would kill

How does your denim jean wash reflect your mood or alter ego?

This one is not so messed yet It has the best ripped thread effect

RAW dark denim is the best option to combine with an oversized WHITE SHIRT!
I would prefer the skinny cut all the way down to my ankle.
Let it boost up my butt and tighten up my thigh and leg. Hail to a Sexiness! 

"Oh Mama let me wear your bloody red Hermes Birkin"

Flare Jeans is not so bad! If you have (at least) a proportional body, You would likely appear taller and slimmer (With one condition, wear high heels, no flat!)

Ps: I'm discreetly discovering the mysterious "Significant Other" of mine :D

Wish me luck, Folks!

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