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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mama and Papa

Well frankly speaking, I'm not naturally born a family person.
I'm the most outgoing kid in the family, I'm different among my siblings. I'm a busy social person who loves to hangout,travel, and work. Rarely you would find me stay at home doing nothing.
The last couple years, Unconsciously i get my paradigm shifted about several things, especially the way I see my family. Out of the blue,all of sudden I'm being grateful of having the best parents ever and siblings I could ever think of.
I'm thankful that I was born amidst The Pasaribus in this post millennium era. I wouldn't be I am who I am today without them, In terms of career and way of life. Not every parents would let their kiddos choose what they want for their life. I am a Fashion Designer and I attained the Degree of it. Papa let me choose  what school I would go, what major I would study, Mama fully supported me of what I want to become in the future. And my siblings, They proud of having me as the middle member of the fam :D I know that!! haha

Here is the picture of Me&Mama and Me&Papa
Today Feb 28,2010
I was being a thoughtful daughter by treat them lunch at Sushie Tei, Plaza Senayan. I told them to grab all kind of Sushie they wanted, no hesitate, the bill is on me.
I feel so much happy and proud just by doing a simple thing like that. The smile on their faces was something that my money can't buy. They used to feed me, now I have the opportunity to do so.
Mumpung ada waktu, ada kesempatan, mumpung mereka masih hidup, mumpung akunya bisa..
I will do such things more often, I promise :) Next stop, Dinner at JW Marriott Hotel.

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