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Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Tuesday . February 2 , 2010

This early morning as I had my devotion, I received a text message from my close friend Grace Martina a.k.a Gege, It says "Guys, cuma mau kasih tau. Bayi di dalam kandungan gw udah dipanggil Tuhan dalm usia 6 bulan. Mohon doanya yah krn pagi ini bayi akan diambil lewat operasi secto"
I deliberately bended on my knee and sending prayer for Gege and the rest of the family.
My deepest condolence for her loss.
Having baby is what she'd been dreamed of  for so long time, I know she dropped everything for this, nothing else matter. She and her husband had been trying for 1.5 years before she finally got pregnant. I couldn't imagine the pain she has to go through :( 

I read in "Haven is so real" book that Babies who weren't be able to arrive to this world are happily save and sound with God in Haven. I hope this truth will put her at ease.

Dear Gege, 
I pray that it is well with your soul, The baby now is in haven which is the better place with God. One day I promise you, you'll get to see her/him :)
My devotion today was Rome8:28 "All things work together for good to those who love God, to those who  are called according to His purpose" Things happened for a reason.
Be strong and in good courage, I have faith on you. You can go through this all, Ge..
God loves you and so are we :)

(Sedih, nggak jadi dipanggil "Aunty Ruthie", nggak jadi belajar nurturing baby)

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