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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Yes I'm single, so what!!?!

Don't waste your time trying hard to investigate why am I still single for so looong time  (YES I'M TALKING TO SOMEONE HERE)
I told people many times, It just not the time and I don't wanna force things to happen. There's still no guy showing that is attractive enough to go on a date with and no one is asking me either.
What do you expect from me?!?!?! Asking someone (random) out? Me?! hell NOH! I ain't that desperate!
Oh here is another thing:
"I'm still considering man's chest is the best pillow, If I don't date, it doesn't mean I'm a potential lesbian" !!

Watch your mouth and mind your own business!! you know who you are and I know you'd read this,stalker!

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