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Sunday, 28 March 2010

An odd Interview

Q: How are you feeling?
R: Love mode and in doubt
Q:Doubt? why?
R: I have a crush on a guy but he seems not just into me. The sparks is in me :(
Q: What's so special about him? In details please :)
R: His passion, attitude, and gesture. Never seen anybody is so passionate of what he's doing.
    It touches the core of my heart how he works so hard and turning his dreams come into reality.
    I Love the way he always stick out his tongue to me then smile stupidly, i like the way he and his parents  communicate, and actually how he communicates with other people. I can tell that he is smart and funny!!
Q: What is his passion exactly?
R: Music. He plays and studied guitar.
Q: What phase are you both currently ?
R: Nothing. emm I'm actually clueless
Q: How long have you been waiting?
R: Been ageeess :D 
Q: Have you ever heard this quote "If someone wants to be a part of your life, He would make an effort and do every single thing to be in it?" What do you say?
R: Yes of course. I heard it too many times. And he didn't seem to made a single effort :D I told you, the sparks is  in me. He might not just into me.
Q: Then why are you still waiting and wanting him?
R: I still give time a second and third chance. The "maybe this time" keeps haunting me.
Q: When will you make up your mind?
R: This coming Wednesday,March 31st 2010. If that day and the following day shows no improvement, then I will kiss hoping goodbye. I've already begged God to answer my prayer.
Q: What was your prayer actually?
R  I asked God to show me the way and open doors for me&him. Emmm no, I asked God for this person. I wanted him :) 
Q: Ok, what do you want me to do?
R: Pray in agreement with me :) Thanks for asking me by the way !

Nobody but you

March 28, 2010
I don't wanna be everything for everybody
I just wanna be something for somebody

I wasn't looking, but then he came into my life..My pray is that he's not just drop by but stay...

I don't wanna date any guy, I'm not in the mood for love
But I wanna be with him, this particular guy. Yes this person.

It's been 3 months since that day. No sign yet or have I been blinded of not seeing any sign of "forbidden"?

You're my only hope.and pray :(

Thursday, 25 March 2010

3 IDIOTS. 3 words: All is well

I recommend everyone to watch the "3idiots movie"
It's a Hindi movie that contains lots of precious values from the beginning to the end of the movie. 
Very funny and touchy... The worse thing is you are very possible to laugh and cry at the same time. You could even have no idea which one comes first between laugh and cry. Confuse? Curious? You gotta see for yourself :)
3 Idiots has become the "highest grossing Bollywood movie of all time."

"Hati itu mudah ditipu, if things are getting hard, just give a gentle pat on your chest and keep saying the mantra *Allizwell, Allizwell* (All is well)  Believe it or not, you'd end up feeling way calmer and soothen up" -Lesson from 3Idiots-

"I call it the movie you have to watch before you die" -Andy Noya-

Stalking a Stalker

I'm pretty much scared of myself for being a (divine) stalker. 
Ok here, in other formal word let's consider me as an observer. I'm a person that is easily curious and will never stop browsing, hunting, searching,reading till the curiosity being wholly satisfied.
My imagination was always pretty hard to contain, and It doesn't take a lot of effort for me to attain some informations and datas about people I'm curious about.
Either it is a coincidence or I'm just naturaly brainy at digging infos. 
Lately I've been seeing someone (still the same person i met on early of the year) 
Since I haven't got a lot of opportunities to meet him in person and since I've been missing him terribly, so that I'm using the beauty of technology nowadays called the internet connection.
I started stalking over him and digging out all of the information everything about his life that I wished to know. Thanks God for facebook, twitter, wikipedia, etc.
Here are the paths i have to undergo in order to reach the destination:
...emm...wait..I think I'm not going to reveal the "secret recipe" here, else you might get even scared of me as much as I do towards myself hehehe..
Back to the story about stalking that (lucky) guy- After out of the blue jumped in to my friend's facebook account which is related to his college friends's facebook account, I figured out there's an indirect mutual friends of us who luckily happened to be a person that keeps photos every event or month or special occasion. So I clicked to the photo albums she previously posted, I did the math of the year he graduated and when did they met before, so I came up to the conclusion that they firstly met approximately 2.5 years ago. So i deliberately jumped to the 30th photo album of hers.The total was about 80 albums.
I was in paradise while I FOUND ALL HIS PHOTOS..hahahaha..Shout of triumphant!! And guess what, I spent more than 4 hours enjoying his more than 200 photos. Clicked next,clicked next,clicked next :))

What's my point here?!?! 
Somewhat I'm kinda proud of myself for being able do such things like I just mentioned. The fastness and accurate datas I'd like to gain about something/someone I desperately curious about. It does apply to things I'm learning or finding out the latest news, I become so knowledgeable as I spend lots of time sitting in front of computer.
The funny things is when I kinda get what I wanted, then i feel scared towards myself "What have i done, am I crazy or what?" Looking all those pictures of someone, and sometimes I "save as" them and store it in a "secret" folder. The more insane thing is on purpose downloading the video of that particular person, and save it in order to have it transfered to the iTunes then move it to my iTouch. HA!!! Crazy me!!

Well guess i'm done here, I keep mumbling bubbling here talking about something nonsense and trashy :D 
I am a (divine) stalker! noh, I'm a curious observer that's why I am smart!!! :D :D :D