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Thursday, 29 April 2010

I W.A.N.T this so bad

I make a pledge diet starts tomorrow, in order to have skinnier legs so that I can confidently wear this legendary shoes, Doc Martens !
Vintage Classic - Maroon-
Darcie maroon

They taught me something

Sex and The City

"When real people fall down in life, they get right back up and keep walking.

Carrie Bradshaw

"Later that day I got to thinking about relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous"
Carrie Bradshaw

Ugly Betty

"I don't like to brag, but I am in the top 5."
Daniel Meade
It's so great to work with people who actually eat."
"Betty Suarez

Chandler: Wow, so tonight might be the night. You nervous?
Joey: Nah. This is the part I'm actually good at.
Chandler: What must it be like not to be crippled by fear and self-loathing?
Joey: It's okay!

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Mini Reuni

Kemang Jakarta 14 April 2010

Suatu sore hari di tahun 2002 sepulang mengambil  report card di ILP tempat les Bahasa Inggris, saya dan beberapa teman makan bubur favorite di depan tempat les. Sore itu merupakan kali yang terakhir saya bertemu teman saya, Amelia Virgina sebelum hari ini 14 April 2010.
Bertemu teman lama yang memang sudah lama sekali tidak bertemu girang sekali rasanya.
Boleh dikata perasaan kami masih sama, masih terasa dekat di hati :)
8 tahun cukup mengubah banyak hal dalam masing-masing kami. Entah itu kita berubah atau karena kita sudah menemukan jati diri kita yang sebenarnya.
Amel knows what she exactly wants for her life, she's very passionate about communication and writing.
She's pretty much idealistic, she views life from her sunglasses, i mean she has something to say about life and this world. Kita bertukar banyak pikiran dan ideas, and what came up from her mind was quite impressive. She said "life is a decision, if one day you fail on yourself then you complain too much, that means you complain about the decision you have made, and you are complaining about you yourself".
This is not something I newly heard but I liked it since it comes out of her mouth.
Amel turns to be someone that is very idealistic, optimist, and positive yet she still funny and has the best chuckle tone ever :)
Saya pun sedikit BANYAK juga bercerita mengenai karir, love life, dan mukjizat sembuh dari Lupus.
Mini Reuni saya dengan Amel ini sebenarnya karena dia butuh bahan material isi tulisannya yang menyangkut dunia gadget&technology dan menurut dia saya berkredibilitas untuk kategori tersebut.
Tapi yang namanya teman lama bertemu, obrolan kita jadi semakin Luas= Panjang x Lebar dan menghabiskan waktu seputar 3.5 jam
Berikut adalah persamaan pikiran menarik antara saya dan Amel
-We believe that people should follow where their hearts lead to
- Passion is the fuel of success
-Do what you love and love what you do
-When people are doing something of their passion, their eyes rolling bigger and smile brightly
-If you hate your current situation, do something about it. DON'T COMPLAIN!
-Solution,solution,solution,DON'T COMPLAIN!
-We both turn to be someone who is strong, realistic, and bold (Because of boyfriend-great influence)
-We are a STALKER !! We found out that stalking people's profile (life) is very very very much a pleasure for us hehehe

She interested on my side job business, DARE fashion consulting. She wanted to write an article about it and have it released on the media she is currently working for, oh oh oh..
Then I told her "Amel, you such a step stone to my big dream"

Moral of the story is people are an asset, treasure them. You wouldn't have an idea what kind of person your friends will become in the future or perhaps they could be a bridge between you and your future success. The last time i met her was 8 years ago but we've known each others for 10 years, a decade till now. Today would have never existed If I hadn't keep my attitude right towards her, If I hadn't been nice, If I didn't keep the communication well with her in the past time when we were a clueless teenager .
I'm indeed looking forward for the second and third and fourth meeting with her to let her mentor me how to write and hand her the material for her article about DARE.

The music to my ear was when Amel confessed "I read your blog and I miss you, I browsing thru your facebook profile and I found you are very happy and doing what you like" 
And I told her "you got that right, I am happy and I get what I want" :)

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

It simply is not possible

"Each relationship between two persons is absolutely unique. That is why you cannot love two people the same. It simply is not possible. You love each other differently because of who they are and the uniqueness that they draw out of you. And the more you know another, the richer the colors of that relationship"

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Saya berkepribadian ganda

The Sanguine / Choleric

The sanguine-choleric is the most extraverted of all the temperament combinations. With the addition of the choleric aspect, the optimistic, impulsive, fun-loving sanguine becomes more adept at follow-through, taking significant leadership roles, and juggling many projects without unduly sacrificing productivity. This temperament tends to be a happy combination of charm and decisiveness, creativity and analytical skill, friendliness and focus.
Your ability to connect with people balances out the domineering and relentless temperament of the pure choleric. You value relationships highly and make friends easily. You are insightful, enthusiastic, and affectionate; your sanguine capacity for dealing with people, combined with the leadership skills of the choleric, make you an excellent manager of people. You are also capable of constancy, dedication, and serious undertakings — though at times you may have been underestimated, due to your often humorous and light-hearted manner. You not only are capable of creative inspiration, but also you will find within yourself the persistence and drive needed to carry out your inspirations.
St. Peter may have been a sanguine-choleric. He was impulsive, enthusiastic, protective, talkative, frequently wrong — yet a heroic and passionate leader of the flock.
The bad news is that, if intellectual, human or spiritual formation is seriously lacking, this temperament blend can exhibit the worst of the two temperaments: overly talkative, brassy, opinionated, loud, rash, swift to jump to conclusions, and forgetful. If intellectual depth is lacking, this temperament mixture can become superficial, bossy, and intolerant. The high-spirited humor of the sanguine can become biting and hurtful when combined with the unforgiving, vengeful nature of the poorly formed choleric. If pleasure-seeking and impulsivity are not contained, the sanguine-choleric may wind up with a lax conscience that justifies his weaknesses, ultimately resulting in habitual sin. Easily captivated by exciting new projects or opportunities, the sanguine-choleric should watch out for his tendency to come up with great ideas, put everyone to work, and then drop the ball when the project gets tiresome. On the other hand, the natural generosity flowing from the sanguine temperament will commit him to many good works.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Thus says the Lord:

"....You know how God is..He thinks, you can do anything. Yes anything!"   "Marlyn Hickey"

Phil 4:19
"I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me"

                                                             Yeay *chickendance-chickendance*

Eliska Ratna the comic girl

Eliska Ratna a.k.a SKA

Look how cute she looks, the picture was accidentally taken on her birthday party which was held on March3rd at Peppenero Cucina Italiana

I'm fond of her my carecell mate, she just looked happy with her curly hair, chubby face, short posture, and Ivory skin. A girl who is very vey very talkative and expressive. She says what she wants to say, she laughs outloud, she yells, she screams out, she babbles, she mumbles, she cries, she makes faces, she frowns, she grins, she mad, she giggles, she talks, she chats,bla bla bla, ah she's just so cute.
Me&her are similar to JackieChan&ChrisTucker in Rush Hour 4 , aiteee??
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ya Ska...still I can't (and won't possibly) forget the day you were there accompanied me on "The Accu Tragedy" :P
Psalm 37:4 May God gives you the desire of your heart . BOAS eh? amen to that!!

Twilight to Dawn

Oh yeah I'm a Twilight fan, yeah yeah you're entitled to slap my face.
I'd finished the whole 4 series in a couple of months, how cool is that? hihi..haha..hihi..haha
Btw, here I tell you that I'm just like any(teenager)body else that I'm a team for Edward. Viva The Cullens :D

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