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Monday, 5 April 2010

Eliska Ratna the comic girl

Eliska Ratna a.k.a SKA

Look how cute she looks, the picture was accidentally taken on her birthday party which was held on March3rd at Peppenero Cucina Italiana

I'm fond of her my carecell mate, she just looked happy with her curly hair, chubby face, short posture, and Ivory skin. A girl who is very vey very talkative and expressive. She says what she wants to say, she laughs outloud, she yells, she screams out, she babbles, she mumbles, she cries, she makes faces, she frowns, she grins, she mad, she giggles, she talks, she chats,bla bla bla, ah she's just so cute.
Me&her are similar to JackieChan&ChrisTucker in Rush Hour 4 , aiteee??
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ya Ska...still I can't (and won't possibly) forget the day you were there accompanied me on "The Accu Tragedy" :P
Psalm 37:4 May God gives you the desire of your heart . BOAS eh? amen to that!!

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