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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Roxy Milano Pasaribu

Her name is Roxy, 3 month years old
The lady next door gave her to my dad, well frankly all of us were fell in love at the first sight towards her. She's just so cute and appeared innocent, UNTIL we got to know her deeper.
It only took couple of days to figure out several things:

1. Hyperactive. Lincah ga ketulungan.
She leaps, she jumps, she runs back and forth around the house. She bumped to chair, sofa, etc but she kept running like no pain at all.
  2. Naughty ass.
BANDEL! NAKAL! None of us is powerful enough to forbid her, It's kinda impossible to yell "No Rox,you can't do that" or "No Rox, stop it!!" She ignored each of us, ergh!!

3.She Bites
Crazy, she bites everything. I mean everything.
She bit my cheek, my ear, my thigh. It left mark :((
Roxy sudah merusak BANYAK di rumah ini! Alkitab, kabel piano, Dompet LV, my panties, my sister's bra, lemari kamar, mouse cable, dan masih banyak lainnya.

4. She's a cutie.
But it's undeniable that she's a cutie, we do crazy in love with Roxy apart of her insane energy.When she sleeps, she sleeps like a baby. No matter how loud you scream, she won't move and up. nevah evah.
This photo was taken right after she got busted chewing the cable of my sister's favorite laptop optical mouse. She was mad, yelled outloud and spanked her. I couldn't stand it, Roxy's face was so innocent yet I know that Roxy needs to DIHAJAR!!
5 menit setelah dihajr, lalu dipeluk lagi, lagi dielus2, daaaan BOBOK aja loh dia... tidur tak berdosa

5. BULE!
Anjing Bule! Her hair is golden brownish, her eyes are hazel-gold, her paws are big. She has a big head and pretty much a big headed PUPPY!!

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