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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Yes I'm blogging now.

Twitter timeline (May 11th 2010)
"You're blogging??????? a good start!" @unyil_13
"Wah @RuthieRich ada blog jugaaaa- langsung bookmark" @missviona
"A truly inspiring blog. No kidding! @SueBoen
on and on @... @... @...

Yes Everybody I am Ruthia Pasaribu is officially blogging now. Not that "just now" actually, It's been 5 months since last Jan. But yeah, I blogged just for fun, I take it as a pleasure and training ground to exercise my writing skill which is emm zero, eh?

Should I blame or thank @SueBoen ? That's what I tweeted earlier. As I checked on my Twitter account, numerous tweets mentioned of RT and reply asking about that matter "Blogging". Frankly I was kinda shy to publish publicly that I actually blog now. Why? because of the limited skill, vocab, and..earggh...yeah u know..
But then I tried to recall what was the major reason why I started blogging.
Here they are:
1. Once I made a pledge to God, that one day I'll write a book titled "How to survive a broken heart"
I went thru a major pain of broken heart experience 6 years ago. A mess that God turned into a message. If it isn't for God, i don't think I could ever get healed. A big turning point for me. I'm not the same person as I used to be ever since :)
2. Too many stories to tell and too many miracles to testify. I'm a dreamer. I have a lot of things in mind. Saya banyak maunya! Have you ever heard "Watch out of what you ask for, They might come true"? The problem is I A.L.W.A.Y.S get what I want. I am well loved by people. I have the best parents&siblings ever, I have a fantastic life, I'm a people person and I have numerous friend lists .What could I ask for more? I want people to experience what I've had, I want to tell the world that there's cure for broken hearts, there's more to life than just money,love, fame, power, and sex.  THERE IS MORE TO LIFE. I'm the living witness.
3. I'm naturally born love to cuap-cuap verbally-non verbal. I wrote diaries since I was 8 and I kept writing as I grew older. Now that there's a blog, I decide to make ones,and pay my vow :)

I'm not always right of course, I love to share and I open for critics. People, feel free to leave comments. I could learn more while your thoughts appear to benefit my aging process :)

Dear my girl bestfriend forevah Susan Boen. i LOVE you. Thank you for helping me believe that I CAN. And thank you for kick out the "T" out of the word "can't". Susan is also experiencing the (worse) major broken relationship. We believed that the ultimate healing from love comes with reunion of self and God. 
Let's write the book even sooner and help the current generation knows what the real "love".  This is the kind of legacy I want to leave behind.

One more thing, This popped up from my father's mouth:
"Ruth I'm proud of you. You have a great life and run it well. You stand strong of what you believe in. I think you have to write a book. I treasure the values of your life. Tell the youth generation that they don't have to follow the trend to be cool, they don't have to give in their body for the sake of love, tell them that they should know what they exactly want and go get it. Even better i would like to financially&mentally support you to be a motivational speaker"
I had goosebumps right after. it's kinda impossible my dad would humble enough to admit such things.
oh Papah.....You must have been touched by the Lord Almighty :)


  1. We all have a story, so we all can write. :) Go Ruthie, Go Ruthie, Go! Aku juga mau bikin buku, tapi selalu yang ada di pikiranku, "Emang ada yang mau baca?" "Gue gak sehebat mereka yang bikin best seller." and the bla, and the bla... :( Yang ada, mimpi terbitin buku pun gak kesampean. Padahal banyak orang yang suka dan mendukung aku menulis.

    I do treasure people's comments on my writings, I put it in a note, and read them again when I feel down. And they, through their comments, have lifted my spirit up.

    I love my readers! And, I love your writing, anyway. This is not just to lift you up, no. This is what I do think about you.

    Let's go blogging! :D Soon, you'll see my books in your bookshelf, and your book in my bookshelf. *kiss*

  2. Viona! thanks a lot for your kind words :)
    I love the last line:
    "Let's go blogging! :D Soon, you'll see my books in your bookshelf, and your book in my bookshelf. *kiss*"

    Dari kecil I'd always loved pelajaran Bahasa Indonesia. Tata cara penulisan, gramatical, EYD, dll. Ga pernah tau bahwa hidup bisa membawa ke arah sini, dan semua berangkat dari hal-hal kecil di masa kecil.

    Dulu kecil pernah les menggambar (Menggambar aja les), itu kreativitas mamaku. Eh kmrn sekolah fashion, aku jadi berani dengan warna, berani berfantasi di kertas, berani beragumentasi soal konsep. Itu semua pengaruh dari guru les gambar itu.

    See, semua terkoneksi, dan bahkan aku terkoneksi sm kamu :) bisa tanya-tanya deh such as GIMANA SIH CARA MASUKIN TWITTER DI BLOG?? hehe that was i'm goin to ask you Vio :)

    Oh Vio come on, you're very capable of writing, write books! yang banyak! Blog2mu dibuat buku aja bisa :)