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Saturday, 26 June 2010

Happy birthday to myself

Happy birthday to myself
"This is the day that the Lord has made, We shall rejoice and be glad in it" The book of Psalm .

"I love you the way you are, Ruth. You are born different and unique. Loved and lovable. Healthy and strong. Able and enabled. Beautiful in and out. Redeemed and forgiven.
You can get everything you want, you can be everything you want to be, you can be with someone you want to be with. God personally asked you "what do you want" not "what do you need" because everything you need have been met :) You are the chosen one, and loved by the Highest One,God Almighty, named Jesus "
-The birthday girl-

1st Thank You from the birthday girl :)

I humbly thank you for the surprise party you guys arranged last night. 
Regardless the unexpected situation, You guys have achieved the main objective:
 "I was surprised"

Oh another thing, I do love my birthday Martabak, Ando flipflop, and Maggy chilly sauce.
I do I do I do I do I do I do I do

Monique yg exist dan ketua cheerleader, Susan yang NOTABENE nya si biang kerok, Janet pemanis acara (kalo make up, lo shimmer nya deh) Alex yg mau disuruh si boss moto2, Sammy dng fasilitas mobil yg anterin pada balik dan berhasil meng-capture best scene ketika kata sandi diteriakan "TAEEEK"
Uli my sister yang menjadi mediator antara biang kerok dan si target. Roxy the star of the night, and my Mom yang jadi tak berdaya dijadikan tumbal.

Photo to be uploaded soon

pesan moral: Kalo tidur, sebaiknya tetap kenakan baju terbaikmu, mana tau kan apa yang akan terjadi. buat para wanita: WEAR YOUR BRA !! 

Friday, 18 June 2010

kangen itu ngga enak yah :(

I miss my 2 BeautifulIntelligentStrongStylishKindhearted besties

Susan Boen and Janete Fernandez

Ladies, just drop by here to shout out loud:
 "A.K.U.S.A.Y.A.N.G.K.A.L.I.A.N dan K.A.N.G.E.N.S.E.T.E.N.G.A.H.M.A.T.I" !!!!!

"I miss the feeling when tears came from laughing. Friends (you) are precious".#THW

"BirthdayWishList "survival guide

I know everybody loves me, and I'll be having my birthday coming shortly (June 26th 2010). If you guys have a difficult time thinking what are good gifts to give me, Here I list down  things I N.E.E.D (and want) urgently.

1. ANDO white flip flop (Sendal jepit putih Ando. Bisa didapatkan di Carrefour. Size 39)
2. White running shoes. Buat RPM&Tennis. Size 39
3. Bvlgary Omnia Pefume-Violet- (Asli, Super,KW1,KW2,Bokisan,Isi ulang no problemo)
4. Bed sheet (Mau ngekost nih)
5. Hair dryer
6. Eyelashes curler
7. French book tutorial. French dictionary can also
8. Ankle skin tone stocking
9. Blush On brush. Kalo 1 complete set brushes juga nggak nolak sih..
10.Face Shop Sunscreen 15 SPF

Easy right? Very kind of me to help you guys think and a gently reminder you that the day is coming and you still have time to look for it within like...emmm 8 more days? Can laaaah

-Annoying Birthday Girl-
Pengen nabok? Jangan dong...dielus-elus aja sayanya :)) :)) :))

Thursday, 17 June 2010

kucingku mati

Pak Joko, aku tuku rinso ne"
"Gawe opo mbah..?"
"Kucingku keno lumpur, kate tak umbah...." Jare mbah Cukluk..
"Mbah, sampeyan iki aneh-aneh ae, yo mati kucing sampeyan, kucing kok di umbah ambek rinso?", jare pak Joko.
Tapi si mbah tetep mempeng ae..
Singkat crito, pak joko tetep ngedoli rinsone..
Mene isuk, si mbah teko maneh nang tokone pak joko,
"Yok opo kucing e sampeyan mbah ?"
"Kucingku mati, " jawabe si mbah.
"Lha, temen tho ? Sampeyan iki diomongi ora ngandel, gak iso kucing diumbah rinso iku mbah...."
"Tapi kucingku iku mati dudu mergo tak umbah rinso, wong mari tak umbah isik urip kok...."
"Lha terus, matine opo o??" takone pak joko.
"Tak peres...."

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Happy birthday, Papa!

Happy 59th birthday to my father Mr. Dipl,Kfm Ruslyn Maruhum Pasaribu, MBA
June 15th 2010

I love my dad, he let me be everything I wanted to be. He provided me the best facilities, education, moral, and financial supports. Share lessons I am grateful my dad taught me while growing up.

Things I remember about my father:
1. Dad is a morning person. No matter how late he sleeps, he always get up at 5 am in the morning.
2. He worked long hours at his job. He is such an insanely hard working person.
3. Dad is a man of God. He reads bible every single day. literally. He reads the whole bible 3 times/year. He tries his best to live righteous according to the Word of God.
4. He doesn't cry. I never seen him shed tears. It doesn't mean he is a cold hearted person, but showing how tough he is.
5. It's irrevocable that Mom is his ultimate love. Every time Mom gets sick, he always on stand by position next to her and assured that she is well taken care of.
6. For 6 years constantly Dad disciplined us to get up early and read Proverbs one chapter/day. Then he taught us how to pray.
7. He finishes what he has started.
8. He told me "People come and go, People born and died. Face it"
9. I'm a fashion designer and I love everything about Fashion. I dress up stylish every day. No matter how odd and sexy and "too much" my look, He never complains and asks me to change clothes.
He let me be I am who I am.
10. Once upon time, a few years back when I was still studied and stayed in a rent room, I ever accidentally left my purse in his car on weekend. Then he kept it nicely and return to me the next 3 days since then. Here's what I'm trying to say, he didn't suspiciously open it and try to figure out what was in it, what picture did I put, on and on. Oh another thing, every time he comes to my room, he always knocks door first. A man with attitude and gentleman.
11. He plays tennis every Saturday morning, then Mom will cook him an Indomie kuah curry his favorite.
12. He trained the three of us to be disciplined by finish what we eat, use money wisely, wash our own dishes after eat, make bed, on and on...
Now that I am getting older and recognized as an adult, I become an independent strong woman.
13. Punctuality comes first. My dad was never late for any occasion. We come to church min 30 mins before.
14." Give your best effort!". He said if something was worth having something, then it was worth not giving up on.
15. He plays guitar and sings well. Like normally Bataknese outthere.
16. We look alike.
17. I inherited these from his gen: Perseverance, strong willed, determination, and disciplined.
18. He speaks fluently German, English, Bahasa, Bahasa Batak.
19. He respects and trusts his children. 

Happy birthday Papa, Thank you for everything :) every single thing!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Songs for my future daughters & sons

You are one in a million, my daughter. No one can take your place .
Never ever fear thou you may wander, I will always be right there near
You can be everything you wanna be, son!
Dare to dream big, put your hearts into it, and trust God.

Birthday is coming. ouch.

My birthday is on June 26th. Which is couple of weeks from now.
I still can't believe that time flies way too fast. Thought i was just celebrated Christmas like 2 months ago, noh? I feel those 5 months passed by too quickly.

The idea of celebrating birthday is not for me, I'm not into birthday party.
But this time I want to celebrate it on purpose. Lots of things going on this half year. I've been through many obstacles and weeps, laugh, betrayal, broken heart experience, on and on this year.
But at the same time I give thanks to God who continuously provide my needs with the best things He has in store and never fails to show me His endless love apart of the shitty sins I kept on repeating..

Just a simple brunch with closest girl friends. Video taped, take lots of pictures, eat, share, laugh, and S.P.E.E.C.H. I want to personally thank each one of 'em who has been here and there helping me, carrying my burden, share my tears&joy.
I will ask them to dress up with summer dresses, put make ups on, and wear heals. I want them to look gallantly pretty on my special day.

This is absurd, Recently I have something in my heart that urge me to always let ppl know how I feel towards them. This feeling kept nudging me with blinking light "tell them that you love them, that you appreciate every lil thing they do for you, that you wish them joyful life, that you want them to be happy and get what they want" sort of like that. I feel like to write a "Thank you" cards and spread it to close relatives, colleagues, and best friends.

A few days ago, I slept very early at 6 pm right after I got home from work. I had a long nap (can I say nap?) till I awoken up in the middle of the night. My room mate was having a date phone with her long distance boyfriend, then out of the blue I got attacked by an odd anxiety fear. I was so freak out that I wouldn't have friends available to celebrate my birthday with, they're all one by one will be having their own significant others, and I'll be the left behind one. I got very sentimental till I made a quick escape into restroom and shed tears. S.T.U.P.I.D ass!! yeah!

Belum pernah ngerasain yang seperti itu sebelumnya, guess I was just feeling lonely :(
Tapi seriously, tahun ini mau rayain dengan maksud mensyukuri semua yang aku lewati pahit dan manis. Banyak hal yang ga seperti aku mau&direncanain dalam hidup ini, tapi sekali lagi aku bilang, aku mau syukuri semua yang aku punya sekarang daripada menyesali yang aku ga punya.

I'll be blogging later about the birthday party. Semoga semua sesuai dengan yang dikehendaki.

Because our time is limited and we can never turn back the time. Treasure the time with those whom God placed around us...

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

si pandai dan si baik hati

berhentilah bersikap manis kepadaku. semakin baik hatimu, semakin jatuh hatiku padamu. berhentilah menjadi orang yang pintar dan berbakat. karena aku semakin tertarik padamu.
kamu, ya kamu, kamu si pandai dan si baik hati.
seburuk apapun kekuranganmu tak dapat mengurangi niatku akanmu.
ah ingin kutampar mukaku sendiri. dan mukamu juga.

berhentilah bersikap manis. kamu memperburuk suasana.
berhentilah membuatku terpingkal-pingkal. kamu merusak perencanaanku melupakanmu.
berhentilah menjadi pintar. kamu membodohi aku.
berhentilah menjadi berbakat. strategyku untuk men-tidaksukai-mu.pun alamat gagal.

ah, kenapa aku pernah mengenalmu sih? kan aku jadi berharap
kamu pernah tau yang artinya kecewa karena berharap dan tidak kesampain, tidak?
di sekolah aku belajar apapun. tapi ibu guru tidak mengajarkanku bagaimana melupakan seseorang.
bagaimana mau lulus ujian, kalau materi ujian tidak pernah dipelajari?

sebetulnya aku sudah mengusirmu jauh-jauh, huus..huss...sana..huuus
tapi, kalo kuingat-ingat lagi memang aku sih yang mengingat-ingat akanmu. maaf ya. aku khilaf.


ah biarlah. kamu akan tetap menjadi si pandai dan si baik hati.
tetaplah demikian meskipun tak ada jodoh kita. jangan berubah apapun.
seperti pepatah lama mengatakan "cinta tak harus memiliki"

udah ah, tamat.

(and i wonder if I ever crossed your mind......i really do)

I ain't a Cinderella

 "When you think he's you're prince charming, but you're not his Cinderella, move on!"
                                                      Get one size bigger.

Monday, 7 June 2010

A line between fairytale and reality

"Life's not a fairytale, but God's ways are dreams made to be true beyond happy endings"

I thank God for the promises that have been fulfilled. I thank God for almost hopes & dreams that always come true (even the impossible ones). And I thank God that almost my wishes have been granted,
Anything is possible. Impossible itself is I'm possible. Impossible is nothing.
People, Do make a wish and watch it come true. Trust me, you can get anything you want.
Nothing is impossible as long as you put your heart into it.

Right now, I'm living out my wild childhood fantasy.  I don't wanna be anyone else but me. Ruthia Magdalena Pasaribu. 5.2'. 53Kgs.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives, I have reasons to live.
Because He lives, I dare to dream big.
Because He lives, I am proud to be I am who I am.

I will move to the next step from "I can get anything what I want into I can get anyone I want to be with"