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Saturday, 12 June 2010

Birthday is coming. ouch.

My birthday is on June 26th. Which is couple of weeks from now.
I still can't believe that time flies way too fast. Thought i was just celebrated Christmas like 2 months ago, noh? I feel those 5 months passed by too quickly.

The idea of celebrating birthday is not for me, I'm not into birthday party.
But this time I want to celebrate it on purpose. Lots of things going on this half year. I've been through many obstacles and weeps, laugh, betrayal, broken heart experience, on and on this year.
But at the same time I give thanks to God who continuously provide my needs with the best things He has in store and never fails to show me His endless love apart of the shitty sins I kept on repeating..

Just a simple brunch with closest girl friends. Video taped, take lots of pictures, eat, share, laugh, and S.P.E.E.C.H. I want to personally thank each one of 'em who has been here and there helping me, carrying my burden, share my tears&joy.
I will ask them to dress up with summer dresses, put make ups on, and wear heals. I want them to look gallantly pretty on my special day.

This is absurd, Recently I have something in my heart that urge me to always let ppl know how I feel towards them. This feeling kept nudging me with blinking light "tell them that you love them, that you appreciate every lil thing they do for you, that you wish them joyful life, that you want them to be happy and get what they want" sort of like that. I feel like to write a "Thank you" cards and spread it to close relatives, colleagues, and best friends.

A few days ago, I slept very early at 6 pm right after I got home from work. I had a long nap (can I say nap?) till I awoken up in the middle of the night. My room mate was having a date phone with her long distance boyfriend, then out of the blue I got attacked by an odd anxiety fear. I was so freak out that I wouldn't have friends available to celebrate my birthday with, they're all one by one will be having their own significant others, and I'll be the left behind one. I got very sentimental till I made a quick escape into restroom and shed tears. S.T.U.P.I.D ass!! yeah!

Belum pernah ngerasain yang seperti itu sebelumnya, guess I was just feeling lonely :(
Tapi seriously, tahun ini mau rayain dengan maksud mensyukuri semua yang aku lewati pahit dan manis. Banyak hal yang ga seperti aku mau&direncanain dalam hidup ini, tapi sekali lagi aku bilang, aku mau syukuri semua yang aku punya sekarang daripada menyesali yang aku ga punya.

I'll be blogging later about the birthday party. Semoga semua sesuai dengan yang dikehendaki.

Because our time is limited and we can never turn back the time. Treasure the time with those whom God placed around us...

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