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Friday, 18 June 2010

"BirthdayWishList "survival guide

I know everybody loves me, and I'll be having my birthday coming shortly (June 26th 2010). If you guys have a difficult time thinking what are good gifts to give me, Here I list down  things I N.E.E.D (and want) urgently.

1. ANDO white flip flop (Sendal jepit putih Ando. Bisa didapatkan di Carrefour. Size 39)
2. White running shoes. Buat RPM&Tennis. Size 39
3. Bvlgary Omnia Pefume-Violet- (Asli, Super,KW1,KW2,Bokisan,Isi ulang no problemo)
4. Bed sheet (Mau ngekost nih)
5. Hair dryer
6. Eyelashes curler
7. French book tutorial. French dictionary can also
8. Ankle skin tone stocking
9. Blush On brush. Kalo 1 complete set brushes juga nggak nolak sih..
10.Face Shop Sunscreen 15 SPF

Easy right? Very kind of me to help you guys think and a gently reminder you that the day is coming and you still have time to look for it within like...emmm 8 more days? Can laaaah

-Annoying Birthday Girl-
Pengen nabok? Jangan dong...dielus-elus aja sayanya :)) :)) :))

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