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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Happy birthday, Papa!

Happy 59th birthday to my father Mr. Dipl,Kfm Ruslyn Maruhum Pasaribu, MBA
June 15th 2010

I love my dad, he let me be everything I wanted to be. He provided me the best facilities, education, moral, and financial supports. Share lessons I am grateful my dad taught me while growing up.

Things I remember about my father:
1. Dad is a morning person. No matter how late he sleeps, he always get up at 5 am in the morning.
2. He worked long hours at his job. He is such an insanely hard working person.
3. Dad is a man of God. He reads bible every single day. literally. He reads the whole bible 3 times/year. He tries his best to live righteous according to the Word of God.
4. He doesn't cry. I never seen him shed tears. It doesn't mean he is a cold hearted person, but showing how tough he is.
5. It's irrevocable that Mom is his ultimate love. Every time Mom gets sick, he always on stand by position next to her and assured that she is well taken care of.
6. For 6 years constantly Dad disciplined us to get up early and read Proverbs one chapter/day. Then he taught us how to pray.
7. He finishes what he has started.
8. He told me "People come and go, People born and died. Face it"
9. I'm a fashion designer and I love everything about Fashion. I dress up stylish every day. No matter how odd and sexy and "too much" my look, He never complains and asks me to change clothes.
He let me be I am who I am.
10. Once upon time, a few years back when I was still studied and stayed in a rent room, I ever accidentally left my purse in his car on weekend. Then he kept it nicely and return to me the next 3 days since then. Here's what I'm trying to say, he didn't suspiciously open it and try to figure out what was in it, what picture did I put, on and on. Oh another thing, every time he comes to my room, he always knocks door first. A man with attitude and gentleman.
11. He plays tennis every Saturday morning, then Mom will cook him an Indomie kuah curry his favorite.
12. He trained the three of us to be disciplined by finish what we eat, use money wisely, wash our own dishes after eat, make bed, on and on...
Now that I am getting older and recognized as an adult, I become an independent strong woman.
13. Punctuality comes first. My dad was never late for any occasion. We come to church min 30 mins before.
14." Give your best effort!". He said if something was worth having something, then it was worth not giving up on.
15. He plays guitar and sings well. Like normally Bataknese outthere.
16. We look alike.
17. I inherited these from his gen: Perseverance, strong willed, determination, and disciplined.
18. He speaks fluently German, English, Bahasa, Bahasa Batak.
19. He respects and trusts his children. 

Happy birthday Papa, Thank you for everything :) every single thing!

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