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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

I am not on holiday. But vacation

I recently had a short holiday to Phuket, Thailand. It was my first time to stepped in my feet on that island which take 2.5 hours flying away from my home town.
Phuket is most likely look like Bali in every way. The street, the weather, the people, the stores by the street, but not the food. It's crazy how a small island has such a lot variety of  foods. I kept eating, eating, and eating.

Seharusnya pergi bertiga dengan Nyong si Cina art DIRECTOR yg konon lagi sibuk pitching jadi beliau mengundurkan diri dari wisata ini, akhirnya saya berdua dengan Irene, sahabat Cina tersayang sang photographer legendaris :D :D We called it our 3rd honeymoon. The first time was in Bali, then Tegal, and now Phuket. Travelling bersama Irene sangat aman dan menyenangkan. Persiapannya sangat matang. Dari itinerary, perkiraan cuaca, jumlah Baht, basic info mengenai Thailand, dll
Biasanya saya yang ngatur-ngatur, kali ini saya "diatur" :) Thanks so much, Irena :D
Saya yakin saya bukan travel partnerl yg menyebalkan, tapi ada sedikit kekuatiran bahwa Irene akan sebal dengan pick up line favorite saya "Ren Ren, i love you Ren, potoin dong...1 jepret aja" Maafkan yah, maklum turis Indonesia-> rewel-bawel :D

Jane is sending kisses to her loved ones back in Indonesia
I called  myself  with JANE. Why? because I had problems making communication with locals. We spoke Tarzan language a.k.a body language. So yeah i considered myself as Jane, the oh so girlfriend of Tarzan. I even  hardly remembered how to say thank you in Thai "Khah Pun Kah". I was almost likely had to ask Irene first "apa Ren, thank you?" Argghh.....
The photo was taken on the way to the 2nd island named Honeymoon island. The cave on the background was a 2nd James Bond island. 

Canoeing under the sun. Deep tosca water and cyan colored sky.

Canoeing under the sun combined with perfect weather. At first i was pretty much afraid if i would get sunburned since i don't wanna get any darker than my original skin tone :(
Panasnya sih nggak masalah, tapi teriknya itu.. sampai kalo mau moto, nggak bisa membidik dengan benar sangking silaunya. I still can recall the feeling of peaceful, relaxed, graciously calmed like i'm in the center of the world. I breathed deeply, taking in the fresh summer air, I smile slightly, looking toward the sky and whispering softly "I am happy and I thank You, God" :)
I called it “dolce far niente”, the sweetness of doing nothing. -Eat, Pray, Love-

I wish you were here
Specially dedicated to Susan, Janet, Monique, Shanty, D'Pasaribus, Judy, Ska, Cipel, Nyong, and "******"
I swore that all I could think of were my girls and family. I wish they were there with me sharing the breathtaking view together. Not trying  to be ungrateful of what I've had experienced but the thought crossed my mind that the moment would be complete with all of  them by my side :)

It's the possibility of having a dream comes true that makes life interesting -P.Coelho
Never say never. You should know by now that anything is possible in this universe.
This Phuket trip didn't cost too pricey since we had booked the tickets by a year before and also we were there in low season.
Apart from the low cost stuff, i was overwhelmed with grateful feeling It's more than just "I can afford it", but to be able enjoying the enormous experience in such a good health condition, passed the HRD to get the leave, the chance, you know..
God to me is the most insanely creative person across the universe. His creations are amazingly stunning!
"Let the dreams take you there". As I sat by the porch of the boat, that line popped up and reminded me that anything is possible. I wish i could get to see the beauty of Santorini someday :)

As you can read I put the tittle "I am not on holiday. But vacation.
Holiday according to my own belief is a time you specially arrange in order to enlighten the burden , reduce the stress, and having a "me" time. 
But what I've experienced wasn't a holiday, but a vacation. I traveled overseas to get to see the other part of the world. But yes there's an extra topping on it to loosen up a bit and stop being so serious :D
I love what I'm doing, i love my job, I'm living out my dreams. Not trying to smug but it's true when I say i don't need any holiday. When you do what  you love the most, everyday feels like weekend, you know..
I'm proudly confess that during the vacation, i continually think about, jimDARE, and ESMOD.

I give thanks for the earth delights and how God is present in little details of life.As mundane or cliche this may sound, but I do get my inspiration from life. Hear the feel, smell the view.

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