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Friday, 26 November 2010

Monday mourning

Sooner or later you and I, she and he  will eventually pass away. It is a matter of time. A mistery of time.

Monday morning as I began to work, Susan called and delivered me the bad news. I was trembling right away as if I were the one who experienced the loss. I left early from work and deliberately making my way to Janet's place. I'm thankful that office fellas and HRD were so understanding and released me to leave early. On the way home I was overwhelmed with grieve and pain. I couldn't stop thinking about Nanet, Fani, and si kakak. They must have been shocked indeed.
11.30am Touched down at Jan's place. I got to see kakak first then gave him a hug, I could see the pain of his eyes and trying to be strong at the same time. Then about 15 mins,  Janete appeared from the side of the house, she was sobbing out when she saw me then we hugged each other. I never seen Janete cries before, I strugled with my own tears cos it ripped my heart seeing her cry. I lost words to encourage her, I was just sitting with her, giving my 2 ears then I rubbed her back.

The funeral took 3 consecutive days, from mass sermon to the burial ceremony. The burial ceremony was take place on Nov 24th at Pemakaman Tanah Kusir.

Seeing the Fernandesz hugging each other was touche. Hugs where comforts and peaceful are come from.
Net, i just wanna say "sukamu, sukaku. Dukamu, dukaku. Let's face this together. I could never comprehend the depth of your heart, how hurt is the pain.. I won't ask you to move on anytime sooner, let time takes time to heal your wounded heart. 
Let His will be done, We serve God who knows what He's doing. Don't be afraid just stay in faith.
Your father is in a better place where there is no sorrow, sickness, and tears :)
You have us, and we fond of you. We would be gladly bestow you the best ingredients of love, time :) you can call me or any of us anytime you need companion.
You are a strong wonderful woman, Net. I believe you can go through this hard time.

Stay strong!

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