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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Two thousand and ten

Today is December 15th 2010. 16 days to go to 2011.
Don't you think that time flies way too fast?
So many had happened within a year. Things changed, people come and go, burst into laughter, shed tears, hearts are mended, questions remain unanswered, on and on

Here are some life lesson learned 0f 2010

1. Because like seasons, people change.
People who say breakups with boyfriends or girlfriends are the most painful kind have never had a BEST FRIEND walk away.
2 NGAPAINnya ga penting, SAMASAPAnya yang penting.
I love my bestfriends. To be exact nobody but Janete Fernandesz Lamury and Susan Boen.
No matter where we are hanging out, their presence and our togetherness what is important.
It's not the coffee, it's you girls :)
Two women of faith, love, intellect, and passion. We have so many things in common. We don't smoke, we love food,  we love The Kardashians, we READ, we listen to the same music.
I cherish both of you, Net, San, where on earth could I find friends like you ladies? 
I couldn't  agree more with there goes saying "You are what your friends are" :)

3. FEAR stands for False Evidences Appear Real
You guys know that I tweet a lot. I just happen to love twitter. Where via twitter, you are able get to know a person exactly who they are, what's inside their head, their values, they way they see things, on and on
I've been following some friends, friends of friends, starts to be, a real star, school mate, office fella, and cousins.
What I wanna emphasize here is a lady who in twitter is terribly funny and smart. She is a emmm celebrity? she is a well known musician a friend of my friend.I've been following her for the last 6 months, and I had to met her for the first time like a month ago. I was very much nervous before I met her. She is a mature famous woman, so funny and smart, how could I stand talk to her for the next couple of hours. What kind of conversation matches her best? I'm afraid of not compatible enough to converse with her. 
But guess what, the moment we shook hand and talked, she didn't seem so frightening, in a matter of fact I was way cooler and more talkative than she was. The image of her I've been assuming recently was way beyond the reality. 
What was the lesson learned: 1.Either you can fool or inspire people by twitter
                                                2.Fear is a bunch of crap. Deal it. Conquer it.

4. Make Friends. Gain love.
I met lots of new people and make connection with them. I'm a people person. People has been my passion. Making new friends is what I love to do the most. Feeling loved and alive are what friendship do to you, and I thanked God for brought them in my life. 
One of 'em is @shandysatya, an imaginary friend of mine. That's what @radiantice said.
Accidentally became a virtual close friend through network connection. It began with a simple line "I'd like to order Shadow Puppets Extended Play album, what should I do?" I most likely have no idea where it'd began, but we kept contacting and bbm each other on and on and turned out to be an intense one. Like not a day goes by without bbm-ing, bbm pic-ing with Shandy. The funny thing is even though we chatted intense, we hadn't met each other for almost 4 months. The "it" day was at Birdcage on Shadow Puppets concert which held last month, Nov 19, 2010.
Shandy is a smart, kind, genuine, and funny person. I admire his passion of music, passion of books and education. Shandy is smart just like a walking dictionary. I can ask or discuss anything with him.
Many times I told him that I cherished his personality who is objective and never being judgmental despite all the odd wacky absurd about me. You know what I mean, Shan....
Dear Shandy: Thank you for always be there, thou everything was floating over the air and sounded virtual but I feel you're real :) You've been a wonderful companion. I learned too many things from you, Shan. May God bless you abundantly and may all your dreams come true. Merci beacoup, monsieur "Tschüss"! :)

@Ayundavira Intan
Intan lectures supplementary "Life Drawing" class. She is such a sweet feminine talented girl from small town, Jember. Intan has just converted from Moslem to Christian. Seeing her fresh faith and her thirst of knowing the truth has burned the compassion heart inside of me . She flooded me with questions about the Word of God and how to apply it to everyday living. His boyfriend who is  a guitarist of rasing star local band named Night To Remember is also fond of me, he teased me alot like everytime we met.

5. Work with love. Do what you love. Love what you do.
Business has been running well all the way 2010. At early of the year I worked for Priyayi Batik which only last for 3 months. Then I'm blessed with working for former college I used to study, Esmod as a Public communication and in house stylist.
Also for DARE, we planed to write a fashion guide book for Jakartaian. And the last thing is a fashion line I and Elis created to fulfill our highest calling as a fashion designer.
When I work with love, I doubt that I work, I live :)

6. Travel

I got to see the other part of the world, that was Phuket-Thailand. 
It was the 3rd honeymoon for me & @Unyil_13 . We got to see James Bond rock, and bencong Thailand performances in Patong rd clubs. On June i visited my so called hometown, Singapore with lifetime bff @Nadya_NiQue We kept eating, ciy touring, shopped till bokek, and getting jompoooo.
I should've traveled more. NEXT YEAR lah!

7. Love doesn't always possessing. Cinta tidak harus memiliki.
I know this may sound lame, i know some people would disagree with me. You have the right to voice up as much as I have the right to spit it out.
I'm still crushing the same guy I met early 2010. Still. The same guy for the same reason.
Things didn't go the way I expected to become, there is nothing worse than to fall for a guy and he falls to another girl. So, i bite my lips.
I had a (serious) broken heart at the moment, I traveled overseas, I kept myself busy, you know...trying so hard to distracted my focus. And eventually I had overcome the feeling for months till something happened in the middle of the year. Then I fell in love again ( the same the same reasons) seems like I fall in love with him everytime I see him.

He is definitely a rising star, the next big thing. I've seen some of his works, performances, and articles. What a W.O.W!! A soft voice whispering out of my heart like I would like sit on the first row of his every performance, and I would like to write his name on the "special thanks" of my soon to launch book.
I don't feel like to write all down here just in case he bumps into this page and figure out this confidential thing.

Love doesn't mean possessing. The happiness of my loved ones are what matter the most, with or without me.
No matter how much I love someone, I can't force them to love me in return since I don't posses the power to change it,  I can travel the world but I can't run away from the person in my heart.
8. "Nothing is better than the good news I heard this morning"
That was what I tweeted on Nov 19, 2010 early morning 9.45 am.
My demigod boss, Patrice Decilles gently grabbed my arms and said calmly "Ruthie, I need you to learn French because I put your name on the list to go to French with me for Esmod International meeting next summer"
You know what was my respond? I leaped and acted adolescent such as "Yeeaay, I'm goin to Paris" not to forget to mention I gave my boss a hug with teary eyes. 
God knows my heart, God heard my prayer, God loves me (as always)

9. Don't judge a book by it's cover.
Still talking about Patrice, my demigod Boss.
The term "demigod", meaning "half-god", is commonly used to describe mythological figures whose one parent was a god and whose other parent was human.
Why do I call him a demigod? Since Patrice granted with beautiful appearance just like normal French outthere :))) He also has the biggest heart, kindest heart, wise, and looooooong suffering.
Everyone loves Patrice. He has a soft tone voice, warm hug, and deep eye contact to everyone he meets. like everyone. He even treats waiter and security as family.
Often he attends big events, fashion show just wearing a simple shirt or T's paired with jeans. Simple one, but everyone seemed to honor Patrice. He speaks calm and gentleman, thinks wise and smart.
Patrice is a gay and proud to be one. None of his personality is bad about him, and if there is any then I DO NOT WANNA KNOW.
I still remember the good old days when I was still his menswear student, he was a passionate teacher. He would pleasantly stayed until late just to be with us the students, making sure we comprehend what he had been teaching us, and always checking on us in terms of school work or personal life. Patrice was a superb lecture and is a SUPERB boss. I love Patrice just the way he is. Esmod Jakarta is nothing without Patrice. Nobody can do it better than him.
I wish him salvation and an eternity. May God bless him a divine grace as much (or more) as I have received years ago :) love love love love!

10. Carecell Sabang
I'm involved in a church community called carecell. Reside in Jl. Sabang every Thursday 7pm. The community consists of 7 wonder women: @EliskaRatna @Judy_Kezia @Fanny_Agustine @NannyWidjaja Retty, dan Prima. We practice what we have learned in church and what the Bible says regarding community is to live together in which we put aside our own needs and start to focus on others, support any of us both mentally and spiritually. Judy, Ska, and Fanny are responsible funky core team. They respect me humanly, never underestimate me and giving fully sincere supports in everything that I do. There's nothing i covered up, I'm brutally open so they know I am who I am in and out. They see me flying higher in career, weeping due to broken heart, galau gempita, timidly shy, madly abhor, cursing, on and on.
Ladies, i wish you nothing but the very best. Thank you for the bitter&sweets 2010. I know your prior pray list is future spouse. You girls have all what it takes to have a boyfriend. May God grants you all heart's desires :)
Hugs and Kisses from Ruthia Pasaribu :)

11. What's the worst that could happen?
I've been through series of  pain, rejection, failure, and broken heart. Here I am shine brighter and grow stronger. Seriously, what's the worst that could happen?
I don't get why some people are complaining too much about life. Well, if you dislike your current situation, then change it! You have the power to choose and turn around your situation.

So, 2010 is about to end up and 2011 is just around the corner. I have nothing to regret on 2010 and I am ready to face the new year. God has been too kind to me the whole year. He granted me the desire of my hearts.
Family, friends, works, financial, hobbies, etc God leads me from one step to another. I sit with the kings, i tried new things, I met new people, I sobbed, I laughed, I smiled, I scared.
Bitter and sweet two thousand and ten, whatever they are, I am so grateful :) Life has been good.

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