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Friday, 14 January 2011

i miss you

I miss someone I know I couldn't be with
I miss someone of the past and I just can't turn back the time
I miss someone who thrilled me once through a gift of cute Mickey Mouse gold chain bracelet.
I miss someone all I can do just staring the old photos of us together.
I miss someone gracious and sassy I aspire to be when I grow up
I miss someone I long to get to know better and deeper
I miss someone who I convinced would've loved me in return
I miss someone who would exactly proud of what I have become
I miss someone who dreamt of me ever since
I miss someone does not exist any longer
I miss someone. and I can do nothing about it.
I miss someone so bad, tears streaming down my face knowing even Haven wouldn't reunite us.

I miss my grandmother. My Enin. The mother of my my mother.

Mom said she was a very kind hearted lady who is high altitude in fashion and manners.

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