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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

N*E*R*D live in Jakarta

"UUUGGH Pharrell N*E*R*D is coming on January 10th 2010 for "Nothing" album....."

That was what I yelled out right after I saw a huge advertising by the street sometime in the early of December. I have been such a devoted fan of NERD escpecially Pharrell since evah. This such a dream coming true to see their performance LIVE, but yet I know there would be some predicted and unpredictable expenses on December and January I couldn't avoid, so no matter how I moronly crazy over NERD, I got to keep my priority on top and consider that NERD tickets are number 10 which means unimportante.

Monday, Jan 10th 2010
Dengan jahatnya sedikit berharap NERD berhalangan datang, jadi kalo ga kesampean nonton ga akan iri sama orang lain (jahat yah saya :( )
Tapi Engel (office mate, media relation) mengupayakan free entrance for tonight concert. Tapi kata kuncinya "jangan berharap banyak biar ga kecewa". 5 jam kemudian dia teriak cukup kencang "Ruth, we got the tickets"
I was like "aaaaww, seriously?!?!" H.O.R.E!!

I deliberatley went home after 5 to change and put some make up on, stood up before the closet then came to think "what to wear..what to wear..snap..snap" I eventually dressed myself with favourite Icon camisole and Zara dark skinny jeans, peach wedge, and all orange attribute supports. Voila! I'm ready to rock the night.

I and Engel made our way to Istora Senayan then met Dayu and friends over there.
We were so excited to see the live performance.
I was humming the songs all the way and kept thinking about Pharrell, Pharrell, and Pharrell

RAN band was honored to be the oppening band of the concert, after about 30 mins pass 9 pm Pharrell and the band showed up at the stage then the outloud scream decorated the atmosphere.
I was mesmerized by angelic Pharrell who was simply wearing red orange sweater and denim SHORT. I love guys in shorts, and when it comes to Pharrell who wears it, emmmm...yummier...
My heart uncontrollably beats fast, i was deeply in awe, the butterflies freely flying on my stomach , head over heals I'm falling for Pharrell
I WITNESSING MY MUSE LIVE! with my own both eyes!  I got to see my all time favourite male celebrity on earth.
I'd definitely reckon Pharrell as the best man dressed up alive, the most handsome black guy, the most genius, aarrgh I can go and on and on...
I mesmerizingly in awe watched him perform from the corner of the stage, from far.

2006 I was a fashion menswear student. For the final project I took "New York Minutes" as the theme, and I got to create a muse to represent the look of my collection. And as you might guess who in the world would suit best nobody but Pharrell Williams.
Untuk setahun, Pharrell ada di hari2ku, di kertas2 figurine, di screen desktop, di dossier, di kepala, di inspirasi, dll.. And last night, I watched him alive...... Star struck!

Some songs I could sing it well all the way right from the beggining of the song. I unashmaedly danced, swayed, wiggled, sang, rapped, moved like a kid. That night was not a concert, it was a freaking parteh
Tribune ticket. Engel hypnotized the security guard through her voluptuous voice to let us trespass into festival area.
I'm so N*E*R*D helll yeah!

"Just close you're eyes, let me hypnotize you. I can make your storm feel sky blue. Girl when you lost you know I'll find you. If I'm not beside you, I'm behind you" Oh Pharrell you need no hypnotize me.

Don't we make a great couple? (when you view it with turn head like that) :p

He was wearing denim short and simple white shirt. At the end of the concert, he put off his shirt. Got to see Pharrell topless. H.A.W.T! Ugh sexy moron species !!

I miss you already, star struck!

Pharrell Williams. Lifetime muse and male icon of mine.

Pharrell's Miami apartment. Roof top.

Dude, the place is too big for you. Surely you need a companion :p
Drop dead good looking. Ha!
He designed himself this cute bionic made chair. The inspiration behind was "i wonder what is it like to be in love" ?!?!?!
Pharrell is a  very low profile world celebrity. Sesaat sebelum concert berakhir, dia turun panggung ke arah fans di bawah dekat pagar. Aku tadinya malas ke depan, tapi tiba2 semangat pengen ikutan, trus aku maksain diri dorong-mendorong, akhirnya BISA!! hahahaa I touched his wet white shirt uuuuhh

Well the night is over but not the euphoria. I wrote this blog on Jan 12th, 2 days after that day yet I still keep on reminscing every second of that night. Wishing I could turn back the time to Jan 10th 9.30 pm Istora Senayan.

Pharrell is kinda short for common African-American, but he still look sublime. why? Because he is full of self confident, he wears what he like and do what he loves to do. Oh another thing, Pharrell now is 38 years old but in person he looks 15 years younger than that, he looked somewhat like 28ish.
Pharrell has his own style, a unique one. I admire him.
Star struck.

Dear God,
I can't thank you enough for this opportunity. Thank you for such last minute miracle (the tics') and for letting me acted silly and crazy over N*E*R*D these days. Another dream came true effortlessly. Much love.
and Dank je Engel Nikijuluw, an angel of mine! Danke for making this all happening. Though you have no idea about the songs nor NERD, still you are such a great concert companion. MWAH.


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  2. i like your bracelet, where did you get it ? as for sexy Pharrell who doesn't love him ;)

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  4. Hey that bracelet actually reminds me of you, Clau!
    And I wear it like (very much) often, so you popped up on my head twice a week :D