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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Music breathes

Happy Music Day, folks!!
Music runs in my family. I used to play organ dan guitar. 
My parents introduce music to us (I&sibblings) since we were kids. 
I first time learn to play organ when I was 7 and continued till I reached 13 years old. I passed the exams and reached grade 8th. Hmm, I was good aite? 
I was tomboy girl in the middle of junior high schools years. You know what, at such age I used to listen to Silverchair (Daniel John,riteee) Radiohead, The Verve,  Limp Bizkit. And I played guitar hahaha.. I was somewhat really good at guitar melody. For some school event, I and my band was participated performances and we did what band normally do such as practice in music studio. So I spent my pocket money in music studio fee rental. 
Hahahahaha.. I had some photos of my band and my guitar performances tapi MALU ah!
So listen to the radio

I own a 16 gb iTouch named Rialto Micarel
He's white, slim, and always in a good shape. I look after him better than my white BlackBerry.
No matter where I go, I always carry him in my purse. I created my own playlist. I can't lend mine to others not that I'm pelit but none of 'em will keep up where and how to play it #lebay
The love of music breathes in my lungs, run in my blood stream.
If I attended music concert, I expressed myself to the ultimate capacity of my energy
Jazz                -> I'd close my eyes and let my soul sway where the melody take me.
RockHipHop -> I'd dance and shout like nobody watches. Yes, just like a kid.
                           (Hey do you guys know that I RAP? hahaha yeah I can rap!)
Classic Piano -> I'd come on time, sit nicely, nod, swing, and enjoy it to the every beat.

I remember lyrics better than well.
If I liked a song and in order to be able sing it out while listen to the music, I'd on purpose memorizing the lyrics to the every word. And I'm just naturally born easy to memorized lyrics :D :D :D 

Fellow musicians
 I fully support my fellow musicians who contribute in Indonesia music industry.
And oh by the way, my highschool lover was a guitarist who now is one of the raising star band named The Wild and The Tree. Then the next boyfriend was a rapper (come in complete packaging of afro hair and dark skin) 
But to be honest, I'm not into musician in terms of relationship :) 
Since they mostly work on night scenes and in the weekend, yet it's contrary to my love languages.
Emmm but we'll never know what future has in store for me yakaaaan? :)
But I'm for them, fully support my fellow musician and my musician sister.
Proud of ya guys!

Music Family
Pops: Tenor singer, guitar melody and accoustic
Moms: Sing well, recorded a gospel Sundanese album, 1999
Sister: Piano, vocal, guitar, violin, and she is a music teacher. Canggih deh!!
Brother: Tenor singer, own drum set and saxophone.
Ruthie: sing seenaknya, dance seasiknya, pendengar (semua genre) music, and music lover

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  1. Cik, itu The Trees and The Wild (kebalik tuh nyebutnya) :P